Teaching a new class at the Brainery!

For my next act I will be teaching a new class at the Brooklyn Brainery titled "10 Great NYC Buildings You've Probably Never Noticed (or if you did, you probably don't know anything about them, unless, maybe, you are an architect or a keen observer of your surroundings)" (I'm still "work-shopping" the title, it's still a bit wordy if you hadn't noticed).  Its still in "Beta" mode , but keep your eyes open for it at a Brainery near you!  We will look at the history and significance of these buildings in the context of NYC and American architectural history in general.  

A sampling of the buildings to be presented are:

  • The Starrett Lehigh Building (W.26th between 11th and 12th, Manhattan),
  • The Eagle Warehouse Building (Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn)
  • Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn)
  • Storefront for Art and Architecture (Kenmare Street, Manhattan)

More to follow....